Sunday, May 20, 2007

Simple Sunday

Bike 18 miles
Run 7 miles

Nice mellow recovery ride and run today. Jill's been able to ride her bike more and more the past couple weeks so we went out for our first ride together since sometime last fall. It was a short ride, but it was nice to have some company while riding. Other than the White Rim ride with Dave and Pete I can't remember the last time I did a ride or run where I wasn't alone.

Ran for an hour on the very technical Dupont Trail. I'm going to hurt myself running on this trail. It's so damn technical - it's just a matter of time before I take a bad fall. But it's such a fun run. I just can't keep away from it.


  1. Some impressive biking Geoff!! damn 100 miles! do you feel it hard to run the next day? does it feel awkward? I remember when I had a minor injury last year and had to resort to some biking, my legs felt very awkward going back into running.

    PS where in Utah were those canyons? is it warm their all year round?


  2. hey wynn,
    check the comments on my blog from last thursday. I responded then to your questions about the canyons in utah. and yeah, it's pretty warm there year round. when i used to live in utah I would go camping in this area at least once a month throughout the entire year.

    as far as running after long bike rides, it's not too bad as long as i work gradually up to biking these long rides. if i don't ride for several weeks and then bust out a long ride i'm cooked but right now i've been riding enough that it doesn't effect my running too much. it still seems weird though. i don't really feel weak after a long ride but sometimes i just feel like i'm running for the first time in my life. hard to explain.