Thursday, May 17, 2007

Gettin' Dizzy On The East Glacier Trail

Run 22 miles

Most of the long trails in Juneau are still covered in snow. I hate doing long runs on roads though so I decided to hit the East Glacier Trail today and just run the 3 mile loop over and over until I was satisfied. I was also able to find a spur trail that added one mile each way to my loop so I only ended up doing 5 laps. It got a little boring by the end but still better than running on the road.

I felt pretty good on this run. It took about 5 miles to really get loosened up but then I really enjoyed getting in my first 20+ miler since the Susitna 100. I'm a bit tired out tonight as this run had about 3000 feet of climbing (600 per lap) and was quite technical with lots of rocks and roots, as well as a little snow leftover from the snowiest winter in Juneau's recorded history.


  1. Impressive. And that kind of boring is the price you pay when you choose endurance sports. Numerous laps of the same course. Sounds like you handled it just fine!

  2. Hey Geoff! wow, excellent run, looks like you're ramping it up. Recovery is going good hear as well. I thought I would be a little more sore after a race with higher efforts, but business as usual, hopefully I can redeem myself at Kettle in a few weeks.

    I loved your post on Utah. Where abouts in Utah were those canyons, Moab?


  3. hey wynn,
    yeah, most all of the stuff we did in utah was near moab. the bike ride was about 20 miles northwest of moab, the backpacking trip was about 90 miles southwest, and the river trip was about 50 miles northeast.