Friday, April 6, 2012

Irunfar Column

Many of you are probably aware that I've begun writing a column on Irunfar. My first piece was published on March 28th and I will have a bi-weekly column that will be published every other Wednesday. Watch for the next one on April 11th. Also, for those of you that are interested, everyone who comments on the article from March 28th will have a chance to win a huge lot of great running gear from Montrail, Mountain Hardwear, Clif Bar, Ryders, Drymax, and Udo's Oil. Check out that column for all the info.

I intend to continue publishing regularly on this blog, with more or less the same style I have for the past few years. I'm even hoping that this bi-weekly writing assignment will increase the creative thoughts running through my mind, such that I may even end up writing more stuff here as a result. 

At any rate, thanks so much for reading, and stay tuned for more.


Russell said...

Love your writing style Geoff. You defintely have an alternate career as a writer/journalist if you ever get tired of winning ultras.

Although I must confess, your iRF post was not as entertaining as your blog posts. Maybe it's the difference between writing for someone else with a deadline in mind, versus writing candidly in your own space, when you feel like it or when you have a creative flash.

Or maybe i'm being anal and nit-picky. Sorry.

Either way, never stop running. Never stop writing. I am a HUGE fan of iRunFar and you.

Anonymous said...

Jeez Geoff... You're my fuckin hero. I can't wait to read your BI-MONTHLY column published every other Wednesday. My kitty's love it too. You, RUSH, and my kitty's, big ladies, sticky indica, technical downhills, coffee, RUSH, IPA, and fast-packing bring me great joy in my life. You're at the top, keep it up!

Olga said...

Lovely family, Geoff. Glad you're enjoying the two women in your life so much.