Thursday, March 15, 2012

One Last ITI Post

I promise this will be my last Iditarod Invitational related post (at least until next year), but I have a few more ITI related loose ends to mention:

First of all here are links to a couple good articles about the race:

And then one last thing I want to include is a HUGE rave about Drymax socks. I've been using these socks for over a year now, and you've heard me rave about them before, but this time they shocked me yet again. I ran pretty much all day for a full week, almost entirely in one pair of Drymax socks, and I didn't get a single blister! I didn't even change my socks once for the last 5 days of the race! I know I've said this on this blog already, but if you haven't yet tried Drymax socks, you're missing out on BY FAR the best running socks money can buy.

Heading up to Chuckanut this weekend to hangout, help with the race, and see lots of friends - old and new. Should be a really exciting race and a great weekend among so many great people. Looking forward to seeing many of you there.


Vern Eastley said...

Geoff, I imagine you'll be processing your ITI experience for a while, and you'll come up with new insights and think of more details you might like to share. I sincerely hope this isn't your last post on the topic. I haven't commented on ITI yet, but I want to thank you for sharing your story, especially the internal/mental aspect. You've inspired me to go tackle greater wilderness challenges than I might otherwise have done.

I've gotta add my own plug for the Drymax socks. I've worn them for all my winter runs in north Idaho, everything from super cold and dry to waist-deep mountain slogs to splashing in slush. No blisters here either. My feet have always felt warm, except on a three-hour grind in deep, wet snow with the wrong footwear. I guess Trail Gloves aren't the best winter shoe. ;-) I never realize how soggy my feet have become until I peel off the socks at home.

I hope to meet you at Chuckanut this weekend. This will be my second ultra and I'm beyond stoked.

dogrunner said...

Which model of Drymax ?
I like drymax socks a lot, but the winter ones were a little thick unless I bought new shoes :)

btw, congrats on the great ITI performance. I really enjoyed your report on iRF too.

M Wagenseil said...

Greeat report I appreciate you sharing

M Wagenseil said...

Great report! I appreciate you sharing

M Wagenseil said...

Greeat report I appreciate you sharing

Geoff said...

for this event i wore the Hiking HD socks in the over calf length. they seem to be a bit thinner than the winter running socks and they come up to just below the knee, which was great for adding a little extra warmth to my lower legs. i think they were the perfect sock for this event. It's also worth noting that I wore shoes that were 1 full size above my normal size, to account for thicker socks and foot swelling.

my "normal" running drymax sock of choice is the Lite Trail Running model. I do almost all of my running in these socks now.

Rich said...
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