Sunday, April 10, 2011

CEP Compression

I've never really been a big fan of compression (socks, calf sleeves, etc). Recently though I've been wearing a pair of CEP Compression socks and I think they do much more for me than other compression socks I've worn. The difference I presume comes from the fact that they seem to be a much higher quality product than the 3 or 4 other brands I've tried. They actually maintain their tight, compressed fit over time so that they're not just a long, silly looking sock with little to no compression after a few uses. I've probably worn the pair I have 30 times and they feel just as tight fitting as the first time I wore them. It's obviously hard to judge what kind of effect something like this has our bodies and their recovery, but certainly I've been feeling really good lately. There are so many factors that contribute to how we feel on a day in and day out basis, but I do feel like I generally have been recovering a bit more smoothly when I wear these socks after hard runs. Until I feel otherwise I'll be wearing them more and more. Luckily with these socks that doesn't mean that they're just going to get stretched out and useless. I highly recommend giving them a try.


Brad Poppele said...

I agree I love the CEP compression sleeves. I have had mine for a year and they still are holding up like the first day I got them. I think I'm going to try the compression socks as well.

Drew Gunn said...

I've had good luck with CEP socks as well. I was curious what you thought of compression socks during running vs. recovery only. One of their studies makes some bold claims on performance gains.