Thursday, January 6, 2011

Racing Again - Gosh This Came Up Fast

I'm heading down to Texas to race Bandera this weekend. It kind of feels like I just raced in San Francisco a week ago. It's actually been 5 weeks. Should be a fun trip though. It looks like it's supposed to rain on race day, but there should be some nice sunny weather tomorrow and Sunday. And this race has $5 camping right at the start area - something every good race should have. I'm excited to spend an entire weekend outside. I'm also excited to run on all day on dirt. It's been nothing but running on snow for me for about 4 weeks now.

The race itself should be a good one too. It's certainly not one of my primary races, but come Saturday morning I'll be running to win. Dave's racing this one too so I really look forward to running all day with him again. There should be some other great competition also. This one aint gonna come easy (not that any of them really do).

Thanks to everyone for the great, informative comments on my post about a UTMB type race here in the States. Good to see that I'm not the only one interested in something like this. Hope everyone is having a great start to 2011.


trudginalong said...

Enjoy all those damn rocks :)

Anonymous said...

Gas a tope!!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy Bandera. I hoped to come out and photograph the race, but alas, other obligations have interjected. And I'll second Patrick: enjoy those damn rocks (especially if it's raining)!

Woody said...

I'll see you down there. I'll try to help you & Dave represent CO well! Looks like the rain isn't going to hit until afternoon/evening, so I'm sure you'll be done by then.

Anonymous said...

Good luck Geoff and have a great weekend!!!!
We´ll put an eye on you, man. Awesome runner!!!!
I also would like run on dirt again. I miss summertimes with dust, hot trails all day long jejeje.
Enjoy it!!!

Saludos from Madrid


Eric B said...
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Eric B said...

Good Luck Geoff !!!

Mark said...

Anyone know of any tweets or other live race report info out there?

Looks like the bad weather will hold off until later in the day:)

Will Nick's CR go down? I'll go out on a limb- Roes in at 8:44!

sharon roes said...

I just talked to Geoff - he dropped out of the race at 1/2 point - he was feeling rotten - dizzy, nauseous and couldn't eat anything. When I talked to Geoff he told me "Dave Mackey was ahead at this point and was flying". If he keeps up the pace he was running when Geoff last saw him, he will finish in under 9 hours.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the update Sharon!

jun said...

I didn't even notice your UTMB post until I read this one. I have, ironically, been thinking similar thoughts. One opinion I have isn't so much that RDs avoid populated areas, but that they don't engage the ones that our races do go through. A perfect example is Wasatch 100. Its been run for 30 years and ends in an amazing town, yet, no one from the town shows up to watch finishers. NO ONE, except family and friends. I was shocked when I crossed the finish line (as a pacer) and there were fewer than 100 people there to cheer everyone in, and this was in the middle of the day when all the middle of the pack finishers were coming in. I think RDs need to take more of an active role to get communities involved.
You should check out my post regarding Sky Racing. This is a series I would love to see here in the US. Places like CO, UT, and AK offer awesome options for being able to do this. You can see it here:
I hope you did well today (or tomorrow, not sure when it is).