Thursday, January 13, 2011

Alaska Mountain Ultrarunning Camp - Second Session

I've made it official, I will be doing a second session later in the Summer for my running camp. This second session will be July 28th-August 3rd. The entry form for this session will be available on the camp website by the end of the day tomorrow (Friday). Hope some of you can join me in Juneau in July.


jacob said...

Hey Geoff,

Do you know if you will be doing the TNF challenge at pine mountain in Georgia again? I live right down the road from there and plan on that being my first 50 miler. Just curious if you thought about doing it again.


Mike Russell said...

Geoff you are the ultimate big baller. I think I am going to make it a goal to hit one of your camps in 2012.

Olivier Sels said...

will you be back in time from UTMB?

Geoff said...

hey jacob,
nope, won't be running pine mt. again this year.

olivier, utmb is not until late august. this session will be a good training week for me to get ready for utmb.

Les Veto said...

Hi mate, bring your camp to Australia, you know you want to! Seriously though, very jealous about this continental divide.