Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hitting The Road

I'm leaving tomorrow to drive southbound to Colorado. Have gotten some great UTMB training in the past two weeks. Lots of wonderful mountain exploration. Sure am going to miss the mountains here around Juneau but I hear Colorado has some mountains too.

Going to stop in Skagway for a day and run the Chilkoot trail on Monday. 6hr. 47m. is the fastest time I know of on this trail. I'm sure someone has probably done it faster than that. I intend to do it a fair amount faster on Monday. We'll see. I need to finish by 2pm to catch a train back to Skagway, and with how late I am to everything I do I'll probably be needing to run it in record time just to catch the train.

I'll be getting to Colorado in about a week. I'll then have about a week there to get settled in before heading over to Europe for my jaunt around Mount Blanc. I feel a bit overwhelmed with how much stuff I have going on right now, but I sure am super excited about all of it too.


Michael Alfred said...

Was in Boulder for four days this week. Absolutely gorgeous.

Being overwhelmed is a bit better than being completely underwhelmed with how little you have going on. You're the Michael Jordan of ultrarunning right now and the ball is in your hand. Enjoy it.

Wyatt Hornsby said...

Geoff: Boulder's mountains are fabulous. I live in Denver and last weekend ran Green Mtn. and Bear Peak in Boulder. So beautiful. You'll love it there--beautiful, unique, etc. I hope to meet you at some point while you're here. Safe travels and good luck at Mt. Blanc.


Andrew said...

have fun! how fast did you run Chilkoot last year? I know you were with a group but just curious if the 6:47 is actually your own time.

Anonymous said...

Geoff, where are you going to stay and run in CO?
All the best for UTMB!

Chris Twardzik said...

this is all cool stuff man! Take it all in as you are having the time of your life. You'll be back to Alaska in no time! Will you be training with Tony a lot? and good luck on the FKT!!
cheers and we'll be cheering you on at Mt Blanc.

JOLUfromMA said...

Good Luck and Godspeed, Geoff!

dgroff said...

Enjoy the momentum of moving with ease from one beautiful location on planet Earth to the next... Congrats and Best Wishes on Mt. Blanc! I run the trails of the Front Range... lots of wildflowers are out at 8.500, including Raspberries!

Libby said...

Safe travels down there. We miss you in Juneau already and can't wait to hear what happens at UTMB!

mikey said...

From Geoff's Twitter page:
Ran the Chilkoot trail today in 5hrs 27min. I didn't feel very good and was very happy to be done. Sure i could do it quite a bit faster.

Great run, Geoff!

Anonymous said...


Did Crow Pass 2010. Proud to have been on the same trail as you. When I talk about running/trail running, I always throw your name out there, kinda my bragging rights to have a ultramarathon CHAMPION from the same state as you. You are a inspiration to me to keep pushing myself, just did my first marathon this last weekend. Next run will be a 50K...and then...who knows! Be careful out there on the trails Geoff, good luck with Mt. Blanc, you'll dominate for sure.

Joshua Meals, Palmer, Alaska

Anonymous said...

hey Jeff,

Are you actually competing in Leadville 100?