Friday, August 27, 2010


Chamonix has been treating me very well. Yesterday was a great day of relaxing with some friends, new and old, and now it's almost time to get on with this other thing that's been looming on the horizon for a few days now:

UTMB is set to start here in Chamonix in 5 hours. I'm feeling good going into this one. I've slept 30 hours in the three nights that I've been over here and the weather has turned much cooler and a bit wet today. As long as it doesn't rain too much to create insane amounts of mud on the trails I think this weather will be perfect. I don't at all mind wearing a bit of extra clothing to stay warm, something I've been doing about 350 days a year in Juneau for the past 4 years.

For those interested in following along here are a couple places to start looking for info. as the race unfolds:

The race website's "live" page:

Also Bryon Powell is over here doing coverage that he'll be posting on his blog:
Be sure to check out the links in irunfar's sidebar because Bryon will likely be posting to his twitter page which is linked on the sidebar of his blog.

Also, the race will be giving the top ten runners through La Fouly (about mile 70) a GPS tracking device which will then track the remaining 35 miles of the race in virtual realtime (I think there might be a 3 minute delay or something like that). So be sure to look for that somewhere on the race website as the race unfolds. Perhaps I'll even be fortunate enough to be one of those top 10.


Bam said...

The best of luck to you Geoff, that is going to be some race!! Wethearwise, I believe you have a great advantage over most competitors that don't like running out in the cold. Be strong, I'll be on the side of the trail cheering you up!!

Bryon Powell said...

Geoff is correct that I'll be covering the entire race live from the course on Twitter. The Twitter feed is embedded in's sidebar or you can follow directly on Twitter at

As you would expect, I'll be keeping a close eye on the Americans Geoff, Scott Jurek, and Karl Meltzer.

Unknown said...

GR - All the best ... you are gonna do great without doubt. I do hope you are seriously challenged by Jerker and SpeedyGoat - Kilian is gonna get a fight on his home turf! Cant wait to see how this unfolds!!

Mom said...

Go get em Geoff. No matter how the race ends we are so proud of you and excited that you have made it to this wonderful milestone. We are all ready to watch a great race unfold and wish you all the best - we LOVE you and will be following minute by minute.

Scott McMurtrey said...

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

The race was cancelled 3 hours in due to reported rock/mud slides!

Anonymous said...

Irunfar is now reporting Geoff will run the Sky Running Marathon World Champs on Sunday in Italy along with Kilian Jornet and other runners.

Anonymous said...

From what we can tell, your original race was cancelled. You will be running on Sunday, the 29, a good day. It is Erica's birthday. We are all praying for good weather and a great race for you. Love and luck, Linda and Bruce