Saturday, July 24, 2010

2:54 And Change

Crow Pass is in the books. I was able to edge out Eric Strabel again. I came in almost 3 minutes faster than last year and lowered the course record to a bit under 2:55!

Eric ran out ahead of me all race but I caught and passed him with about 4 miles to go and finished about 5 minutes ahead of him. It was a really satisfying and shockingly relaxing run. I feel as good as I've ever felt 5 hours after this race so hopefully this will mean a really quick recovery.

I'll post a full race report sometime soon.


Anonymous said...

I've had several nightmares where I'm leading you in a race and the finish line is in sight. I never win.

Then I'm sitting in high school art class naked. Wait, that's another dream.

Anyone would be a fool to bet against you or count you out of a race.

Unknown said...

Well done Geoff .. thats 2 races in a row that you have come back from behind and taken the win in the final few miles .. thats just awesome stuff !!! And the course record in the bag is just the icing on the cake! :)

Mark said...

Coming from behind is your claim to fame! This is even more important in the 100 milers.

How many people get stronger late in the race?

This is your strength. I hope you can find a way to maximize it for many years to come.

Congrats on the 2:54. Looking forward to your thoughts on UTMB...

Mom said...

Congratulations!!! Sorry my phone didn't work well when you called - we tried to get coverage on the laptop but couldn't find anything. We love you and can't wait to see you in August.

Lucho said...

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