Friday, May 28, 2010

Slow Days Of Summer

Summer has come here in Juneau. It's been up near 70 degrees everyday this week and just in the past 10 days the snowpack in the mountains here has gone from too much snow for easy running to almost no snow in many places. Just in time for a training binge. Hoping to get in about 70 miles in the next 3 days.

Overall I've been feeling really good in my preparations for Western States. I was proud of myself earlier this week when I decided to do a 4 day active recovery phase in my training and I actually stuck to that plan. I think I only ran 33 miles in that 4 days. And so now I feel fresh and ready to hit it hard for about 8 or 10 days before beginning a gradual taper down to race day.

I have no idea what will unfold on June 26th, but to this point I couldn't be more pleased with the way my training and racing has gone this entire year. I think I had so much fun and so much success in my running last year that I almost expected there would be a let down this year. Not the case though. I feel as strong in body and mind as ever and I've been enjoying my training and racing maybe even a bit more this year.

One last note: for anyone here in Juneau I will be giving a little talk/presentation tonight at Foggy Mountain Shop at 7 pm. Montrail and Mountain Hardwear have provided all kinds of great raffle items (shoes, shirts, hats, etc) so most everyone should go home with something. Hope to see lots of familiar faces there.


Jeff said...

"only ran 33 miles in those 4 days" - that's a training binge for me!

Foggy Mountain Shop said...

For those who missed it, Geoff did an outstanding presentation last night. We expected him to speak for maybe 45 minutes but he lasted over an hour, giving insights into the how's and why's of his training and racing, and throwing in some great stories on top of it all. Almost everyone walked away with goodies from Montrail & Mountain Hardwear. Thanks, Geoff and best of luck at WS100. Betsy and Scott - Foggy Mountain Shop

Anonymous said...

If the weather forecast in Juneau and/or your coming runs gets any better, your competition should be nervous! Good luck at WS!

Billy said...

Great stuff Geoff. Looking forward to seeing you throw down against the likes of Tony, Hal, et al at WS100. And please - come through LA to give one of these talks!

Anonymous said...

You're going to have some snow at WS. How much and for how long, hard to say but the high country of the central Sierra is holding onto snow.

Anonymous said...

imagine that, Geoff being able to speak about himself for longer than intended.