Monday, February 22, 2010


My girlfriend was gone away on a meditation retreat for the weekend so I decided to indulge in a bit of a retreat of my own. This wasn't nearly as sinful as it sounds. We have had one of the nicest weeks of weather I ever remember here in the winter. Nothing but sun for 6 days and there was a bit of an inversion so the higher up you went the warmer it got. From the time when I got out of work on Friday at noon until sunset last night I was out in the mountains for almost every daylight hour. All told in three days I put in 17 hours of mountain snowshoe running with somewhere around 25,000 feet of climbing over about 45 or 50 miles. To cap it off I went out after work today for a 100 minute run in which I climbed well over 3,000 ft. I don't know if I've ever had so much fun running for this many consecutive days. It's supposed to rain tomorrow. I think I'm ready for the break.


The Sean said...

Those big blocks of work produce a huge training benefit. Enjoy your rest. In 10 days you will have a whole new strength to draw on!

Anonymous said...

That's a workout. 40+ miles on snow shoes, in the mountains that's sweet!

JOLUfromMA said...

Hey Geoff, my brother, Paul and I met you yesterday on your way up Mt Jumbo. I neglected to mention that I have read YOUR blog, too! So sorry, I was "starstruck", being that u are a local celebrity and all.:):) That's a tough run, did u go all the way up? In the growing darkness??? With no water?
See u around!
Joan H

Geoff said...

hey joan,
yeah, i went all the way to the top. i did have a bit of water with me. made it to the top just before the sun went away behind the mountains on admiralty. got about 3 minutes of sunlight. coming down was so fast that i made it down before i even needed my headlamp. took the chute that drops down to the snowmachine trail and the snow was in perfect shape for very fast downhill running. 26 minutes from the peak back to douglas!

the sean, yeah, i'm pretty stoked about the amount of strength i've been stockpiling lately. not sure just how fast it will make me in a 50k in just over 2 weeks but i feel good about where it's going to put me come april and beyond.

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

gf. creepy.

Dave said...


Your evolution sounds a lot like Rune Larsson; multi-winner of the Spartathlon. I'd recommend you research him a bit.

Best of luck this year.


carlhutch said...

Hey Geoff
Havent visited your blog for a while and have just caught up on your news.
Whats with the Evans cycles in your sponsor list????

Good luck with your races