Saturday, September 5, 2009


I'm in Utah now after 2 weeks in Colorado. I spent most of my time in Colorado above 8,000 feet so I feel very ready to deal with the altitude.

Ran about 12 miles up in the mountains with Hal and Karl today. It was nice to do a mellow run together before we drive each other into the ground next week.

I feel really well prepared for this race. I've done so much more mountain running this summer than ever in my life, I've slept really well in the past week, and have been feeling pretty good on most all of my runs, especially when climbing. None of this means that things will go perfect on race day, but it's nice to feel like I've done almost as much as possible to ensure that things go well. Then again I felt the same way going into Miwok this year so I'm trying not to get too confident.


michelle said...

good luck this weekend! (course, you don't really need that do ya?) We'll all be thinking of you.... Have a great race!

Hone said...

I second what Eda said.

Anonymous said...

What an incredible race you had. Karl and you both crushed the old record. I have so much respect for you! Keep up the great running.