Thursday, September 17, 2009

Next Up?

I've recovered nicely from Wasatch. Spent the past 4 days down in Southern Utah. First just relaxing for a couple days and then doing a 2 day backpacking trip in Escalante National Monument the past 2 days. Feeling good and recovered and ready to check out how running feels again. I'll get out for a short one today and then plan to get together sometime tomorrow with Karl for a run in the mountains. I'll try to put in one long run either Sunday or Monday (3 or 4 hours) and then start to rest up again for The Bear 100 which I'm running one week from tomorrow.

I've had the Bear in the back of my mind all summer but decided that I would not make a decision on it until a few days after Wasatch. I figured my body could be ready for it but I wasn't sure where my mind would be. I feel now though like my mind is ready to run another 100 miler. In fact I think my mind may benefit a lot from running another 100 miler right now. Almost like I "need" another really long run before my mind will be ready to head back to my life in Alaska. This said, I don't think my mind is ready to race another one, but rather to run one pretty relaxed and mellow. I think this will be really good for me right now. My competitive interest may change 30 or 40 miles into the race, but for now I'm definitely approaching the Bear as a "fun run" and as a test to see just how my body can respond to such effort just two weeks after something like Wasatch.

Now I just need to figure out what to do with myself for the next week. Can't decide whether to chill here in Salt Lake, head up to the mountains, or back down to the desert. I guess I'll probably end up going with a combination of the three.


Derrick said...

Good luck Geoff. I'm really interested in seeing how you feel with the two 100's so close together. Sounds like you are in a good place with your recovery and great outlook going into it. All the best.

Dan said...

Fun run. Ha!

I guess this is everyones one shot at taking you down.......I guess we will have to send Zach out to do it. =)

Olga said...

I did a 6-day backpacking trip In Escalante 2 days after my first 100...that felt like I am a hero and it's very normal at the same time. Good days:) I would be interested to hear your intake on the new Bear course, although you haven't been to the old one. Rumor is, it's too much dirt road now, and the views are not as spectacular. But the run is (was) a very low key one, and tough as nail. I'd like to go back one day. Have fun out there, make sure there is no snowstorm!

Anonymous said...

Nice run at Wasatch. It was fun to watch. If you want some solitude, head out towards Delta for the day. Ibex is a fun place to explore and Notch Peak is worth the hike. Only a few hours drive from SLC.

Unknown said...


Best of luck to you in the Bear 100.

Congratulations on your terrific run at Wasatch, and if you still haven't had enough 100s for the year, after the Bear, they added a 100 mile option to the Chimera 100K near Lake Elsinore, CA on 12/12/09.

There may even be a little sleet and/or snow going over Saddleback Mountain on that weekend to remind you of home.

Take care, and have a great run.