Wednesday, June 10, 2009

No Web

I've not been posting on my blog much lately. The reason being that for the first time in the last 14 years I have no internet access at home. It's been shockingly liberating. I still get online 5 days a week at work to check email, weather forecasts, and look at fun stuff that I want to buy. Beyond that though I haven't spent any time online simply for the sake of killing time like I always have in the past. On top of this I no longer have a phone line at home and my cell phone has pretty marginal reception at home. Also, I have not had television at home in about 5 years.

Thus, for the first time in my adult life I feel like going home is a place of refuge where I get away from most everything else that's going on in the world. I find myself not spending nearly as much time at home as usual because sometimes it's just plain lonely and boring, but I also find that the time I do spend at home seems really revitalizing and refreshing. I listen to lots of music, work on crossword puzzles, and read magazines and books... things that stimulate my mind while allowing my body to rest.

I'll probably break down and get internet again soon but right now it's summer in Alaska, the weather has been amazingly beautiful, the days are filled with seemingly endless sunlight, and I have dozens of exciting things lined up in my head that I want to do the next few months. None of which involve spending time sitting at home staring at a computer screen.


Rop said...

Sounds very liberating. I like it.

Anonymous said...

yer too coo ool.

Olga said...

I actually kinda like it. At one time back in NY suburbs we didn't have TV, and even kids survived it ok (whining, but OK) for 2 years. And I only ever had regular 4 channels with antenna (free is my game), so not many choices to watch TV. But lately I do find myself getting sucked into certain shows - even if only 2 channels are working now. Then I get a headache and don't finish up all I need...
But with always a family, it's near impossible to fight. Nobody will support me to turn electronics off. I've been told it quite clear:(
Reading lots - I miss that. Knitting even, and quilting. That's not to mention catching up on paperwork at home and running more!
Enjoy it.

Jill Homer said...

You'll never convince me that doing crossword puzzles and reading magazines is any less of a waste of time than looking at the Internet.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope this doesn't mean Geoff is going to quit blogging. I always look forward to his weekly posts as a cure for my insomnia.

sasquatch2 said...

wow, reminds me of my childhood. one house we lived in had no phone or TV and was pre-internet, all by choice (except the last part...) I have tons of memories of being outside building stuff and exploring, bet it isn't much different as an adult! Enjoy and keep us posted so we can all read about it on the internet!!!

Anonymous said...