Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Montrail Rules

It was announced today that the Montrail Mountain Masochist and The Hardrock '09 both won major awards in Outside Magazine and Backpacker Magazine. The Mountain Masochist was recognized for the "Gear of the Year Award" in Outside and the Hardrock was recognized by Backpacker as the best run/hike crossover shoe.

Glad to see I'm not the only one really digging the new Montrail shoes. I actually haven't had a chance to run in the new Hardrock yet. I'll give my opinion when I do. The Mountain Masochist though have quickly become my current favorite shoe. I know I talked about them just a couple weeks ago but I recommend them so highly that I feel compelled to mention them again. I now have over 250 miles in my first pair of them and a long run of about 25 miles. They are super comfortable; great on trail and roads alike; fit like a glove right out of the box; and seem to be holding up very well. I actually can't think of one thing that I would say they could do better. I'm not yet ready to say they are my favorite shoes ever, but only because I wouldn't make that claim until I'd at least worn fully through a pair.


Bryon Powell said...

I wore the Mountain Masochists at the Marathon des Sables last week. 120 miles in 5 days cross country style, including many sand dunes and rocky stretches, and no problems aside from one small toe blister. The MMs gave me more than adequate toe protection and were plenty stable on the uneven terrain. Though it's only April, it will be hard to unseat these as the early pick for iRunFar.com's shoe of the year.

Hone said...

I think I might just try a pair.

I would like to try them out to see if they will be in the running for the Evan Hones Alaskan Blog 2010 shoe of the year award.

So far I have a pair of DC skate shoes in the lead. I also have an old pair of church shoes in the running as well. jk

Unknown said...

I'm currently debating whether to buy the Masochist or Streak. I've never owned a pair of Montrails. I'm 165-170 lbs so I'm curious to know your opinion on the better shoe for someone like myself. I know the Masochist is lighter from the specs I've seen but which one really offers the most stability/cushion? Thanks for your help in this decision.


Geoff said...

C.J., I would go with the Masochist. even though it's a bit lighter than the Streak it feels more cushioned and supportive under your feet. it also depends on your intended use for the shoe. if you're looking for something solely for training you might also think about the Hardrock. they should give you the most cushioning / support. For racing the streak does feel a little more agile/quick than the masochist but only just by a little bit. if you're looking for an all purpose shoe that you will log some training and some racing miles in I would be shocked if there was a shoe more perfect than the Masochist.

Dave Mount said...

I had Streaks for last summer's season and just got a pair of Masochists, which I like even better. C.J., I chose them because at least in my ginormous size 14s, they're a little smaller in the toe and fit my foot better. So I'd just go by fit - they are a little different.

I do have one complaint: the sole is the same as the Streaks, and, while it gives great traction in dry conditions, it has a very "complicated" pattern that collects mud. If they made this shoe with a smooth sole with widely-spaced heavy-lugs like Inov-8s or the new Cascadia I'd be in heaven. But I have other shoes I can use for heavy mud. The MMs will be perfect for summer.

Unknown said...

Thanks Geoff & Dave,

Very helpful feedback. I am planning to race & train in the shoes so it seems the Masochist is the way to go. Now to find a local dealer so I can make sure size is correct. Wish you well in your Miwok training Geoff. I think you'll have a top 3 spot nailed down and be able to add your name to the Super Bowl of ultrarunning -Western States.