Friday, April 24, 2009

Dease Lake, BC

Heading South. Somewhere in the middle of nowhere in British Columbia. We were planning to camp last night but there's still several feet of snowpack here so we opted for a motel.

I'm feeling a little sick the last couple days. This is my second chest cold in as many months. Hopefully this one doesn't last 30 days like the last one did!

I feel like I miss Juneau in many ways right now but at the same time it was really nice to get out of there. I had a lot of things going on in my last few weeks there that were really causing too much stress. As a result I was eating and sleeping very poorly. As soon as we left town though I instantly had a better appetite and the first night I slept more than I had in any night in over a month.

Hopefully my illness now and my anxiety in my last few weeks in Juneau don't combine to negatively effect things at the Miwok. At this point all I can do is show up and run my race. To be honest I have a lot of confidence going into this one. Despite any doubts about some of these little things I feel like I'm probably in the best shape of my life right now. I guess I'll find out next weekend.


Hone said...

Hope you heal up quick.

Stress = poor running

Represent the 907 down there. Their are not many of us.

Hopefully Dave will pop a good one and not sandbag to much.

Gary Robbins said...

Hey Geoff, if you want a place to crash in North Vancouver just drop me a line, I'd be glad to help ya out!
I'll be down at Western as well...meaning giver shit and I'm sure I'll see you there too!
A handful of local N.Vancouvites are hitting up Miwok as well, keep an eye out for Nicola Gildersleeve, young but talented and also shooting for top three.