Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Two Week Bug

I can't seem to get rid of this illness. I think this might be the longest that I have ever been sick. Going on 13 days. Ran 4 miles on the treadmill tonight. That wasn't good. My lungs are completely wrecked right now. The mornings are the worst. Each of the last 3 mornings I was a complete disaster until at least 10:00. Today I didn't even try to deal with it, but instead just went back to bed for an hour after breakfast, even though I had slept for 10 hours already. If I'm not feeling better by Friday I'm going to go get it checked out to be sure I don't have bronchitis or anything that should be treated with antibiotics.

Between Jill's frostbite and my respiratory illness we're a pretty lame duo right now. She has tomorrow and Friday off from work and I have Friday and Saturday off. Luckily we got 3 Netflix movies in the mail today because with our running and biking on hold right now, and with the weather as horrible as ever this week in Juneau it really could be a long weekend.


Fast Bastard - World's Fastest Hematologist said...

As a fan and a doc, I would say go in and get that chest x-ray. From what you are describing, it's at least bronchitis (which is not treated with antibiotics). It could easily be a pneumonia, which you would want to get treated.

It's hard to live vicariously through someone who writes about being sick, you know.

TonyP said...

I hate going to docs, but two weeks is a long time. Hope you get better soon.

Chris said...

Bummer Geoff. I'm still battling some crap as well but no where as long as 2 weeks. Yuk!

Anonymous said...

being a respiratory therapist and an individual prone to bronchitus,when you start getting symptoms get antibiotics immediately ,otherwise the infection sets in and its tough to get rid of..not to mention training will be set back a month or 2.
good luck in your training and races.

Unknown said...


Hope you beat this bug..I am thinking pneumonia. It has been a brutal year every where for the crude thats going around. Really enjoy the blog!

Anonymous said...

I am intrigued by your training. You seem to do a lot of cross training, but you are still fast as hell in ultras! I would much appreciate it if you could give me a little insight into your run training and your training philosophy. A few minutes of your time would be greatly appreciated by someone who is trying to take their ultra-running to the next level. Thanks for the motivation and "give 'em hell" @ Miwok.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking pnemonia too. doctors are obviously for people that aren't made of steel like you, run a marathon this weekend, best cure for you, let me know how it goes

Anonymous said...