Tuesday, February 24, 2009

This Aint Gonna Be Easy

After feeling pretty crappy on back to back 20 mile runs over the weekend I've decided to take my last week before the race easy and try to be very rested up by the race start. I didn't run at all yesterday and then did just 30 minutes on the treadmill at the gym today. Tomorrow I'm going to do a 60-90 minute hilly trail (snow) run in the morning and then I'll probably do 10 or so flat miles Thursday morning before I fly up to Anchorage. After that I'll take Friday and Saturday completely off and then the race starts at 2:00 pm Sunday.

I would have loved to go into this race feeling more confident about everything than what I am. I generally feel pretty good about my gear and logistical preparation, but physically I just can't find the confidence that I would like to have. Running on the treadmill tonight I just didn't really feel like a runner. I felt like I had plenty of energy but I felt like I was running for the first time in months, even though I've run almost 600 miles so far this year. I'm concerned that I have something "off" in my right leg. I really can't pinpoint specific discomfort anywhere but I felt kind of like my entire right leg from the knee down is just kind of "off". It might be all in my mind and/or it might all just feel fine with a nice very mellow taper week this week. At any rate this has me doubting, among other things, my shoes (can't I ever run a race where I actually know what shoes I'm going to wear before the day of the race?), my training, and my chances of really doing this thing.

More than anything I'm just keeping in mind that there's really nothing I can do about it at this point. I'm going to start my race on Sunday with every intention of pushing on for however long it takes to get to McGrath. I think I went into this race last year with too much confidence, perhaps going into it this year with very low confidence will be just the thing I need.


TonyP said...

Rest up and best of luck in the race !

Sara Montgomery said...

Taper Madness!! Good luck to both you and Jill.

Bob - BlogMYruns.com said...

my shoes (can't I ever run a race where I actually know what shoes I'm going to wear before the day of the race?)
ahhhh Geoff I am so with you on this, I am not sure when God is going to let me find that perfect shoe but man what a battle I am having on this front.--grrrr About 2 weeks ago I find a sweet pair of latest New Balance shoes and LOVE the roomy toe box BUT now my left arch is all flocked up after a few weeks--(SIGH)))) so pissed :-(

anyways Geoff, here is the BEST thing YOU have on your side...is your "memory recall of successes", so once you toe that line and zero in, you will get focused and be able to recall the past successes & challenges you had and how you battled through ... I know this race is a whole different ball game and a lot of unknowns for you but once you are in the midst of it, it will come together.

YOU will be ready!!! Enjoy your tapertime!

_oe said...

I can't tell you how much good it does an (awful) rookie ultrarunner like myself, to read the doubting pre-race trepidation of someone at your level!

You're going to butcher this thing!


saschasdad said...

In my experience, I always feel crappy, or injured, or sick, or whatever, in the week leading up to a big race. I think it's a healthy case of nerves.

Rock it, man. I'll be cheering for you.

Gary Robbins said...

I agree with Sean, I always find some kinda issue leading into a big race. I honestly think that feeling crappy right now is a very good sign that you will kick some ass out there!

Anonymous said...

I'd be concerned for someone's mental stability if he wasn't nervous or expressing trepidation. It's 350 miles for God's sake!

Just get to the line and follow the plan. It'll come together for you. Eat, sleep, and move forward.

Michael said...

Good Luck to you and Jill! May you both have many, many more miles in you, just like that '89 Honda that just wouldn't quit. Going and going and going all the way to McGrath!
Back in Cleveland the anticipation is killing me.

Olga said...

What Meissner said. But it ain't making you feel any better, is it? If anything, we are all on your side.

Anonymous said...

Geoff, I just wanted to wish you Good Luck. You are gonna be fine when that gun goes off. Go tear it up man! Just remember, "isch filly oht n dote and dotto, skid ata vata vada, vada team we gotta"

Unknown said...

Hey Geoff...Bryan got your car from airport yesterday b/c Robbi couldn't. Send me an email with your spot stracher info! debgreg at gmail and b is bwhitch (also at gmail).

Hone said...

Alright bro,

Just do like the New Kids and hang tough.

This year is yours at the ITI.

Anonymous said...

We are all pulling for you and are sure you will do just fine - you are such an inspiration to all of us and so many other people. Just do what you can and we'll be watching each inch of the way. Good luck to you and Jill. We all love you -

Anonymous said...