Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Poll

There's been a couple of fun polls going around the Ultra Running blogosphere the past few weeks so I decided to add another one to the mix. This topic of performance of the year was being discussed several weeks ago on Karl's blog and last week on Paul's blog, and I suspect there will be more discussion of it in the coming weeks. Also coming in several weeks will be Ultrarunning magazine's choices for Runner of the Year and Performance of the Year. In the meantime I thought it'd be fun to throw a poll out here for curiosity's sake. 2008 was a year where no male ultrarunner really stood out in terms of runner of the year (in my opinion), but it was a year with a handful of kick ass individual performances that deserve further discussion/acknowledgement. For this poll I'm sticking with just trail races. There were some very impressive road ultra performances last year as well, but in my book that's a completely different conversation. I've picked out 4 that stand out in my mind, but please leave a comment with any suggestions of other noteworthy performances and I'll add them to the poll.


Paul DeWitt said...

Hi Geoff - good luck at your upcoming 100! Enjoy the warm weather over there.

Nice poll - I might add Eric Skaggs's CR at Quad Dipsea as another worthy choice. Though barely an ultra in distance, it has been popular over the years with a lot of top ultrarunners and he broke a widely regarded CR after just missing last year.

- pauld

Geoff said...

great point paul. that should absolutely be in this poll.

unfortunately i just discovered that these polls don't allow edits once there are already votes.

maybe i'll just cancel the poll and start it over in a day or two with this and any other additions that come to light by then.

AJW said...

I think you have the big ones. Yeah, you could do Erik's Quad and perhaps Mike's White River but I'm having a tough time choosing between Dave and Kyle. I think I'll go with Kyle because of my well-known 100 mile bias.

And, good luck in Hawaii! Go after Estes record which is one of the stoutest out there.

And, ff you recover quickly, come down to Texas for Rocky Raccoon. It's a great run and the Shiner Bock's on me!


Derrick said...

Tough to argue with Carpenter beating such an amazing field.

Good luck at HURT.

Hone said...

Dont forget to put Dave Johnstons Cactus Rose 100 win. The dude is like 190 pounds and is a complete drunk. I think that was an amazing performance if there is one.

See you in a couple!!

Joy said...

I hope you do the women's POY poll as well:)

Geoff said...

AJW, don't think i'll be going after and records next week... approaching this one as an ambitious training run.

evan, I heard DJ was high on peyote that he found in the desert during that run but maybe that was just a rumor :)

joy, i'll probably get a women's poll up in the next week or so. post your nominations here so i hopefully don't forget any significant ones. my list would include kami semick's NF50 and/or Miwok, Jamie Donaldson's Umstead and/or Javelina, Nikki Kimball's Tahoe. what else am i missing?

Joy said...

My vote would be for Jamie's Badwater performance. She set a new record by over an hour. Many people felt the womens record at badwater could never be beat because it was set from the 6am wave. Jamie was able to beat the record from the 10am wave, the stat that sold me was Jamie's(8:25)last 45 mile split was faster than what Scott Jurek(8:31)ran in his last 45 mile split to win badwater in 2006.

Paul Dewitt posted on hig blog that he would vote for Susanah Becks and her WTC record.

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