Friday, August 29, 2008


It's not everyday that someone who you see in front of their house on your bike ride to work gets chosen as a vice presidential candidate. Weird.

It's funny watching CNN "breaking" this story. They didn't even know how to pronounce her name for the first 30 minutes.


Jill Homer said...

Thanks for breaking the news to me Geoff. I was going to head out "first thing" for a bike ride and now I'm glued to the computer.

So much for Alaska's three votes potentially going to Obama. And I was just about to donate to the campaign, too.

Anonymous said...

And she has run a marathon under 4 hours (humpy's 2005).
Go Sarah Go!!

Wasilla Dave

Anonymous said...

Hi Geoff,

Any chance I can interview you? E-mail works for me.


Fast Bastard - World's Fastest Hematologist said...

Is this Palin as wacky as it sounds? Doesn't "believe in" global warming and thinks the universe is 6000 years old? It seems like a vastly bigger deal than her pregnant daughter.

Maybe it's rumors. Maybe the Alaskans can deny or confirm this?

Anonymous said...

She's my governor and can't confirm or deny that. It hasn't come up as an issue here, and honestly, I'm not sure it should become one at the national level either. How we all got here is not as important as where she can lead us.

Fast Bastard - World's Fastest Hematologist said...

It's not an issue whether the vice president (and potential president) "believes in" global warming? It seems like a pretty big deal.

I guess you could say that believing the world is 6000 years old is not important - if she doesn't let it guide her policies. But, still, if it's true, it's more than a little odd.

Anonymous said...

Politics, politics. Geoff have a great race this weekend.

Geoff said...

interview? sure, why not?
just email me @

as far as the sarah palin thing I think i'm just going to leave this one be for now saying only that the politics of alaska is a huge part of why i don't see myself living in alaska for too much longer. perhaps all this exposure that she's getting will cause some alaskans to realize just how absurd most of their politicians are when so closely looked at by outsiders. only problem with this is that this is more likely to have the opposite effect, that is most alaskans will probably just conclude that everyone "outside" is absurd. at least juneau's population is politically more like seattle than alaska, but unfortunately it is the capital so all the crazies come to work here. (for just leaving this one be I sure said a lot :)

Jill Homer said...

So if the Republicans win and Sarah moves to Washington, does this mean you'll come back to Alaska?

Geoff said...

jill, maybe if begigh and berkowitz both win as well.

Anonymous said...