Friday, July 4, 2008

Back In Juneau...

... and back at the running. Got back into town at 3:30 today and got a nice mellow 5 mile run in tonight.

I'm still very tired from the GDR but my body is definitely recovering quickly and I'm trying to move on to other things in my mind as quick as possible so I don't beat myself up too much about pulling out of the race.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to run the Crow Pass Crossing two weeks from tomorrow. I'm not possibly going to be in top running shape but it'll be fun to see how far I can get myself along in just two weeks.

Just having fun now "watching" all the other racers who are still out there fighting the good fight. Wish I was out there still but not if it meant feeling the way I was feeling my last 3 days out there.

I'll post a more detailed report of my GDR experience soon.


Anonymous said...


I followed it a bit on yours and Jills blog and I'm confused...did you have to start from the tippity top of Montana? B.c really, if you made it from there to CO....thats damn amazing!!! Just making the attempt is brag worthy. Is there a designated starting point? Is there any local fanfare at all seems so underground, I just love it! It would make a great documentary. And what abt the wildlife? What do you for safety, arnt the riders all alone with giant grizzlies and wolf packs out on the range? I'm so curious!! :)

Anonymous said...

Also, thanks for making a new fan out of the GDR :) Maybe next time i'll be one of your take lots of time out before your next abt 5 years! :p

FixieDave said...

Dud you where somking...

Knowing how to pace on somthing this long is nutty... :)

Glad your back home rest up and good luck in two weeks!

Anonymous said...


Welcome back Man! What an amazing trip/race. Jill kept us posted and we're all damn proud of what you've accomplished.

Wish I could have experienced a tiny smidgeon of what you've experienced in these last few weeks but that'll have to wait until my next life!

Rest, recover and enjoy being back with those you love