Thursday, July 17, 2008

Addicted To Racing?

Even though the Crow Pass Crossing is only 25 miles it's a race you really can't fake. There's a decent amount of climbing, creek and river crossings, snowfields, and countless stretches of trail so overgrown that you can't see anything from the waist down. Either you're prepared for a race like this or you're not, and you will find out pretty early in the race if you are.

This is what I hope to find out Saturday morning. I know I'm not prepared the way I would like to be but I'm going to go up there and at least give myself a chance to have a competitive race. Most likely scenario is that I get 4 or 5 miles in and just pull back and take my time to the finish.

Maybe, just maybe though, I will actually feel like a strong runner again for the first time since early May. Ah, that would be sweet.

In other words I'm going to try to fake being ready for a race that I know you just can't fake. Should be an interesting weekend.