Friday, June 6, 2008

Time To Go

I leave later today to ride north. I'm hoping to get to Whitefish, Montana by about the 16th or 17th, hangout there for a few days and then ride up to the race start on the 19th. The race then starts at noon on the 20th.

I guess my ride actually started yesterday when I left my car at a friend's house about 45 miles from Salt Lake City and then rode back to town. Today though is when the real journey begins. When I load up everything I'll be carrying with me to live for about 5 weeks and hitting the road. To those that have done any bike touring you understand the liberating feeling of carrying all the stuff you will need on just your bicycle. Things instantly become so simple. You either have it with you or you don't and you find a way to make do with what you have.

At any rate, I'll likely post again before the 20th but here are a few links that can be used to track my progress over the next several weeks:

SPOT messenger will show my exact location everytime I push a button on a device I'll be carrying with me.

The GDR homepage should have various links with information as the race unfolds.

MTBcast will be having audio updates of racers phone call ins along the way.

The MTBR Endurance thread will almost certainly have discussion, analysis, photos, and other information as the race unfolds.

I guess that's all for now. I hope you all have as much fun in the next several weeks as I'm going to.


Matt Hart said...

good luck geoff! rock it out!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear more. Have a safe journey and a great race. Click the SPOT button so we can see you on the map.

Anonymous said...

Your SPOT check worked. I see you (well, not really, that's still a few years away) on the map. COOL.

Chris said...

Good luck G. Hope our paths cross.

1234567890 said...

Hey Geoff,

Too bad you won't be back to defend the 24 Hours of Light title, but you're definitely frying some bigger fish with this race.

Good luck from Sierra and I up here in Whitehorse!


Anonymous said...

good luck! I'll check your progress next time I'm out of the woods! Monika