Monday, May 5, 2008

Quick Miwok Post

Was hoping to get a full race report up today but that might have to wait another day. I've driven 800 miles (to Utah) since the race ended so I haven't exactly had the time.

There seemed to be some confusion yesterday about the results. I did in fact finish third in a time of 8:34:02, but I did not have what I felt was a very strong race.

The trail surface was much harder than anything I run on in Juneau and it took a toll on my legs early on. By mile 15 my quads were fried and from there I just had to lower my head and plug along for 45 more miles.

There were some mental and physical ups and downs in there, but for most of the last two thirds of the race I felt like I was fading. Most of the uphills between mile 15 and mile 40 felt pretty good, but after mile 40 I was struggling every step of the way to the finish.

That said, I'm obviously very pleased with my third place finish, as in I'm so shocked that it really hasn't sunk in yet.

As far as Western States, that one's going to have to wait. There is no decision to be made. I've been planning on riding the GDR for almost a year now and this doesn't change that at all. More on this and a full race report to follow within the next day or two.

Thanks to everyone for the kind words before and after the race.

Congratulations to Dave Mackey on an amazing run.... and to all other finishers on this brutal course.


FixieDave said...

Wicked awesome!


WynnMan said...

Great job once again Geoff. It looks as though your training leading up to Miwok however was smart. You did not over race or train. In fact I think it's a good indication of "better going in a little under-trained" at least from the running standpoint. Obviously the biking was a nice compliment to the training. Smart idea to stick with the original game plan. Once one starts to monkey with changing at the last minute, things go haywire. Your mind is set on GDR, so let it stay set. There will always be chances for WS, even though it's not easy to get into, it will happen eventually.

mindful mule said...

Awesome run, dude!

Olga said...

I am sorry you won't be coming to WS, but plans are plans, and for you biking is as big (or bigger) of a love as trail ultras. I was hoping to see more of you than a 3 sec flash and talk more than "Hi Geoff, go Geoff":) Once again, so happy you proved to yourself you belong to the best of the best - it's a great feeling, and you totally deserve it.