Monday, April 28, 2008


I'm currently spending a couple days with a friend in Hood River, Oregon. Tomorrow morning I'll be heading south some more, spending a couple days getting down to San Francisco.

I'm feeling much better about the shape I'm in for the Miwok than I did just a week ago. I've gotten some great runs in the past few days and I just keep feeling stronger everyday. I guess I should do a bit of a taper here now but I'm just feeling so good that it's hard to ease back. I'll probably try to do some more biking the rest of this week and ease off the running as much as my mind will allow me. It's tough to cut back though when every run feels really good and takes me to exciting new places that I've never seen and likely never will see again.


Kate said...

Hi Geoff,

Read this and thought of you:

Happy vagabonding this summer! Looking forward to following your adventures and races.


Unknown said...

You know your body and what it requires to perform well, so I have no doubt you'll taper in the way best for you.