Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Fire On The Mountain

I expected I would wake up feeling sick this morning. I had a headache and a sore throat when I went to bed last night. Once I got out of bed though I realized that I felt fine and the sun was shining.

After breakfast I got out for a great hill run. I ran a route on snowmobile trail that climbs about 1,800 feet in 3 miles. I dropped back down to sea level and then ran up it again, this time using the hiking trail that goes to the same place. I felt very strong on this run.

In the past 4 days I have done a speed run that felt really good, a distance run that felt really good, and today's hill run that felt really good. It's always fun to have a day when you surprise yourself with how good of shape you are in. It's even more fun to have several days in a row in which you surprise yourself everyday.

I ran in a new pair of La Sportiva Fireblade's today. So far I love these shoes. They fit my feet perfect right out of the box and I had no numbness in my toes which I pretty much always get when I'm running uphill in snow. I've still got some testing to do, but I'm thinking these may be my shoe of choice for the Miwok.


mindful mule said...

Seems like you’re in pretty great shape for Miwok. Any thoughts on peak/taper?

I just noticed your Nuun sponsorship link. Good idea! I think I’ll try some Nuun…

Anonymous said...

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