Monday, March 10, 2008

Ultrasport Videos

I've finally uploaded all my videos that I took during the race.
Most of them are about 1-2 minutes. They're really not that exciting (some of them are just plain boring) but I thought as long as I've got them I may as well post them in case someone out there is interested.

This first one is the start of the race. Sunday, February 24th @ 2:00 pm:

These next two are from that first afternoon, less than 30 miles into the race:

This next one is the following afternoon, almost 24 hours, and almost 90 miles into the race:

These next three are late in the day on Monday, after leaving the second checkpoint at Skwentna, between mile 90 and 110:

This next video is more for the audio than the video. It was taken Tuesday morning after a woke up at Finger Lake checkpoint (mile 130)... 40+ hours into the race and I was trying to decide if there was anyway my ankle would allow me to continue:

These next couple videos are from Tuesday, the day that I tried to push on beyond Finger Lake but was only able to make it 7 or 8 miles before turning back:

And this last one is from Wednesday, my 4th and final day out there, taking off from Finger Lake in a little 4 seater plane back to Anchorage:


mindful mule said...

Good videos. Beautiful out there. Hope you're healing well.

The Chaser said...

It was heartbreaking to hear your voice go from excitement to despair, to resignation. Hang in there Geoff. You will get it next time. Things happen for a reason.

Anonymous said...

God, I want to learn how to fly one of those planes.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the videos Geoff. How cool. I appreciated your 360 degree views of the trail and the surroundings. Really gave me a perspective on what it was like out there.
Glad to hear that you're feeling better and in good spirits for your next adventure.