Saturday, March 29, 2008

Right Where I Want To Be

A great day of training today to cap off a great week of training. I'm finally coming around to being in good shape on the bike, after 500 miles in the last 23 days. Rode almost 70 miles yesterday and felt stronger at the end than the start. I've been slightly tweaking my stem, grips, seat, etc. and finally found the setup that my body feels the most comfortable with on my Karate Monkey. Now, with about 700 miles on this bike I finally feel at home on it... and that's a good feeling. Tried out some aero bars on it today. I'm pretty sure they will stay on there. It feels very nice to have another position for my body to be in.

We've had perfect spring weather here for 3 days running now. I've been outside a lot this week. Put in the 70 miles yesterday and today I skied almost 12 miles, ran 7 miles, and biked almost 20 miles... another 4 hours outside. Tomorrow calls for more of the same weather (about 40, calm, and sunny) and I'm planning on putting in ~20 miles of trail running, and a little biking.

I've still got a long ways to go to be ready to race the Miwok on May 3rd and the GDR on June 20th but I am at least starting to feel like this is going to be possible. I guess my DNF after only 145 miles in the Ultrasport helped me to feel as strong and fresh as I do right now.

A couple photos from skiing groomed tracks today: