Thursday, March 6, 2008

Excitement Brewing on the Trail to Nome?

It feels like it's been forever since I dropped out of the race last week. I'm finally back in Juneau and I got out for my first workout today since the race. I ran a couple miles, biked almost an hour, and lifted some weights. It all felt pretty good. I didn't notice any pain in my ankle. There was a little stiffness in my left knee but it got better as I used it. I still have a little pain in my right ankle when I stretch it but it keeps getting better and better each day.

As I said, it feels like it's been forever since my race ended but the amazing thing is that there are still 11 racers out there pushing on to Nome! The leaders are now just past the halfway point of the 1,100 miles to Nome.

Check out my poll on the sidebar to vote for who you think will be the first of the four front cyclists to get Nome. The voting so far shows a lot of confidence in the least experienced Alaska winter rider, but then again Jay P. has shown that lack of experience is no obstacle for him. It's looking more and more like it should be a really exciting race amongst these four riders. They're all VERY strong riders and if they continue to stick together for a few more days it'll get really intriguing to see if they start to "race" more toward the finish.


Anonymous said...

great that you are back in the Capitol.. hope you can finish your "vacation" and not return to work.

Now, I will say that while JayP is an awesome athlete and a really cool cat - my vote is PeteB. Rocky is obviously capable of this thing too. I think Pete's experiance and toughness will prevail...

Fonk said...

Did I see that right on the leader board, that Pete B left the last checkpoint before Jay? So he's now in the lead? Now I gotta question my vote for Jay... Long ways to go yet though - a lot can still happen!

Are you thinking about next year yet? :)