Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Slushy Mess?

It's 33 degrees in The Kuskokwim Valley right now. The Kuskokwim valley is the coldest portion of the route to McGrath. It's more likely to for it to be 33 below zero than 33 above. On the surface this might seem like good news, after all extreme cold is one of the major concerns of this race. Problem with temperatures above freezing though is that this is likely causing a huge mess of slushy overflow with all of the snow that has fallen in the interior this winter. It is supposed to cool back down by the weekend but the 21 feet of snow that has fallen at Finger Lake so far this winter is going to be hard to plod through no matter what happens now with the weather. Hopefully the trail breakers are at least able to get some kind of trail put in, because right now, for much of the route there is no trail at all... just wet, slushy, snow.


Anonymous said...


According to, it's definitely going to get colder which means that slush will be gone. The refrozen snow might make for a good running surface, although somewhat uneven.

All of these uncertainties, including Jills missing bike, have got to be driving you two crazy. (not to mention your parents, who have been wonderfully supportive) Hopefully all will fall into place and you'll be off and running. Literally.

Best of luck in the race, hopefully all will go according to plan. Don't forget to film a few videos, if possible.

Neve_r_est said...

How do you runners keep your feet dry? Waterproof shell sock, or do gaiters do a good enough job?

Best wishes next week,