Sunday, December 23, 2007

Smokin' Old Geezers

Run 22 miles

Got up for an early run this morning with a group that runs here in Juneau every Sunday. They call themselves "The Smokin' Old Geezers". One thing that Juneau has is some great local running talent and this group is the core of that talent. The foundation of this group is made up of some of the best masters aged athletes (both male and female) in the state of Alaska (thus the old geezers name), but the run today also included a couple strong younger runners and several others in between on the scale of age and talent.

After the run we had breakfast at one of the runner's house and even more local runners gathered for that. All told we were a group of 30+ running enthusiasts that included several of the strongest athletes in town, if not the state. The ages in the group spanned between about 14 and 80 and for a town of only 30,000 people included an impressive array of past achievements, ranging from the two time defending state girls high school cross country champion to an accomplished ironman triathlete and all kinds of other accomplishments in between.

I'm definitely more a loner when it comes to training but it was nice to run and chat with some of the local talent today. And then when we were finished with breakfast I ran the 13 miles back home so I got in some good solitary running as well.

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