Sunday, December 2, 2007

Dreams of '09

Run 30 miles

I doubt that I am alone amongst endurance athletes in that I like to pass the time while out on long training sessions daydreaming about events I'd like to do in the future. For the past several months this has meant almost always thinking about the Ultrasport and/or the GDR. For whatever reason though I found myself today thinking beyond that and daydreaming about 2009 a little bit. The '09 racing season is still a long time away but I've been thinking more and more that this will likely be the year that I will focus on trying to run 100 milers at a higher level. I'd love it if I could get into 2008 Wasatch 100 and then get into 2009 Hardrock 100. Unfortunately the odds of both of those happening are slim to none, but the good thing is that there are dozens of other very intriguing races out there. HURT 100, Coyote Two Moons, Massanutten, Superior Sawtooth, and The Bear 100 are just a few of the many that seem oh so exciting to me.

I'd love to run 5 or 6 100's in '09. Certainly I am a much stronger runner than cyclist and I think that 100 miles might be my strongest distance. In the one 100 that I've done I was only strong for 75 miles but that was a learning experience that I feel like I can easily overcome. Until I actually get out there and race with some more experienced ultra runners I really have no way of knowing just how my success here in Alaska translates to success in larger races, but I have every intention of finding out.

I was never really focused on school for the short time that I was in school, and I've never really had a job that I've been all that dedicated to or focused on. This motivation and determination that I have about endurance racing is really a very new thing to me. Sometimes it's a bit scary but mostly I really like it.

And now back to focusing on my next event. It's time to gather up my winter camping gear to get ready for bed out in the backyard. It's supposed be in the single digits tonight with heavy winds: first good chance this winter to acclimate to sleeping out in the cold. Tonight I'll do the wimpy backyard thing and then maybe tomorrow head up in the mountains a bit. Hopefully by next week we'll have some snow and I can begin to load my sled up with all my gear and head further out on some overnighters.


mindful mule said...

I haven’t camped out in the backyard for about 20 years. My neighborhood friends and I used to do that a lot. We’d usually end up TP’ing the girl’s houses on our street in the middle of the night. Have fun…

I’ve heard there’s a meteor shower next weekend. It might be fun to camp out for that, too.

erik said...

I think looking that far ahead can be a good thing man. I'm in a similar situation, finding myself thinking about running ultras next summer and beyond, wondering how strong I may be if I can continue training smart.
Good luck with your next two races, they sound awesome!