Saturday, November 10, 2007

Monkey's Last Stand

Mt. Bike 12 miles
Run 7 miles

Bike 11 miles
Run 2 miles
Lift 16 lifts
-3 sets of 12 reps.

Mt. Bike 12 miles
Run 15 miles

Run 7 miles
Bike commute 3 miles

By this time tomorrow there will likely be too much snow to ride my Karate Monkey on trails around here anymore. Got out for one last ride today and am now just waiting for enough snow to start skiing more. It was nice to get about 300 miles of trail riding in on my new bike this fall, but now I have to accept the fact that I'm not going to be riding it on dirt trail again until sometime in late April or early May. And at that point I'll only have about 7 weeks before the start of the GDR.

I guess for now though it's time to put the bike away and get entirely focused on the Iditarod Trail Invitational. It's a little over 3 months until the race. 3 months to fine tune my body and, more importantly, fine tune my gear. I've got to build a better sled, figure out what clothing I plan to use, what sleeping gear I plan to use, and countless other details. And then I need to get out in the cold and dark Alaska winter and test these things out. Should be fun. I won't have much time for the next few months for anything other than working, sleeping, eating, and preparing for the race. What more could one hope for?

A bit too much snow now for my Monkey, but just getting to be good riding for Jill on her Pugsley.

Totals for the week: Bike 48 miles; run 71 miles; 16.5 hours.

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