Monday, October 15, 2007

Dog Days Of Autumn

Run 7 miles

Road Bike 25 miles

The monsoon season is in full force here in Juneau and It's definitely starting to bring me down a bit. It didn't help that yesterday was one of those days when every little thing went wrong followed by a morning today just the same. Then I got to go to work and find out that yet another co-worker of mine is quitting this week. Pretty soon I'm not going to have any more co-workers to worry about quitting. I work in a kitchen that should have about 6 steady employees to be adequately staffed and now we are down to 3. Good stuff.

On top of this I just haven't been feeling that great physically lately. I've had some weird pain on the outside of my left foot whenever I run on rough terrain (pretty much every run I do); I've felt very tired on most every run or ride for over a week now; and as of yesterday I have a sore lower back which has also spread to soreness in my upper legs.

All of this said though, I'm actually in a good mood tonight. I just got in from a mellow 7 mile run in the dark and that was just what I needed. My foot nor my back hurt tonight, and I had more energy than I've felt on a run in about a week. And there's something about running at night that just seems to always lift me up. Staring at that beam of light shining down the trail I find it really easy to block everything else out and just enjoy what's in front of me. That's what I really needed.