Friday, September 28, 2007

Top Dogs Getting It Done

Bike Commute 3 miles

Run 7 miles
Mt. Bike 15 miles

Road bike 28 miles

Over in Greece Scott Jurek has won Spartathlon again! And up in Idaho Karl Meltzer currently leads the Bear 100 with just a couple hours to go before he should finish with his 4th 100 mile victory of the year and 10th in 2 years! Apparently they have both found a way to bounce back nicely from their disappointing races over in France last month. They're 2 of the best ultra runners in the world and it's nice to see them both showing it this weekend.

Runners like Scott and Karl who seem to just keep racing year round really amaze me. I feel like no matter how much more I get into endurance running and/or cycling in the next several years I will always need a large chunk of time at least once a year in which I take some time off from racing to let my mind and body rebuild and get ready for the next series of challenges.

Update to above post: Karl Meltzer has won the Bear 100 setting a course record by over 1 hour!

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Craig B. said...


Just found you vis Jill...nice page!

I used to live in Flagstaff, AZ, and while not training for any races, was running 20 milers in the hills before I blew up my left foot- training for the Zane Grey 50. Ayyway, I moved to Seattle, and have been riding my bike again, lots, and a couple of weeks back I was ridding out in Discovery Park when Scott ran by going the other way...completely forget that he was from Seattle- made me start doing some LIGHT jogging to see if the foot will let me play again.

The rain just started here, and it's lovely.

All the best-