Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Random Thoughts

Bike Commute 3 miles

Took the day off today. Quads a bit sore from downhill running yesterday. With a long race this weekend it seemed stupid to run or bike through any soreness today. I always feel weird when I take a day off though: guilty, bored, lazy, tight, anxious, and grumpy. I need to learn to deal with this though because I will likely be taking one or two days off per week for the next 6 weeks.

In the past 3 days while out running I have seen a beaver, 2 marmots, and about a dozen porcupines. Not quite the bear, wolf, wolverine encounters that one might hope for in Alaska. The porcupines are actually quite the nuisance around here. They seem to always hang out in the middle of the trail and they are so slow to move that I'm certain I am going to step on one before I see it one of these days. That should feel really good.

The Great Divide Race is over 4 days old now. Jay Petervary is in the lead, with almost 800 miles behind him!!! That's 800 miles of dirt and gravel roads, completely self supported, with about 54,000 feet of climbing, and yes, you did read that right: just over 4 days!! He's on pace to shatter the route record but he still has 1,700 miles to go so that's obviously anything but a done deal. Scott Morris has been putting together a great chart which makes it very easy to follow the racer's progress. Check it out here.

I feel myself getting a little more excited and anxious for The 24 Hours of Light then I thought I would. I don't really have much anxiety about how well I'm going to perform because I have no idea or expectations in that regard. Rather I just feel really anxious about the whole process of getting ready to go and travelling up there and doing the race and travelling back home in time to be to work Monday morning. I'm pinching this whole thing into way too short of a weekend but I really had no choice at my work. From now until next Monday evening the 24 hour ride will probably be my most relaxing (mentally) stretch of time.

Today was Mallie's birthday. Be sure to check out her great birthday post.

Today was also my Mom's birthday. Sorry I didn't get a hold of you today Mom, hope you had a great day. I'll try calling you tomorrow. I love you.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the B-Day plug, Geoff. You're going to be great at your first 24 Hour. Your awesome attitude and dedication will see you through. Bummer that you won't get a day off work to recuperate...so make sure you get those rest days in next week. I'm very much looking forward to that race report.

Anonymous said...

Hi Geoff, I am sorry I didn't get to talk to you today - but I know how busy you are - hope to talk to you soon. I love you too!!!!

Dave Harris said...

You are so right about the riding being relaxing in a 24. It's always stressful getting setup, all the gear ready - it always takes me much longer than I expect. Plan plenty of time for that. The riding is the easy part! Something tells me you'll have a great time and we'll have another full fledged loony in the mix.

Anonymous said...