Thursday, May 31, 2007

Slow but Stubborn

Road Bike 23 miles
Run 12 miles

Bike 3 miles (commute)
Run 7 miles

Ran a speed workout on the high school track today. 20 x 400. I do not have much speed right now but it was nice to turn the legs over a bit and I stayed pretty strong throughout the workout. I ran each lap between 1:11 and 1:26 with most of them coming in between 1:15 and 1:20. I used to do workouts like this in high school, except back then I would run each interval between 1:05 and 1:10. I also used to be able to break 4:30 in the mile in high school. I doubt I could run a 5:00 mile right now. Then again when I was in high school I would have died if I tried running more than 15 miles.

The best thing about my workout today was that although just running circles on a track for 90 minutes at least it was on a track that is surrounded by nicer scenery than any other track I've ever run on.

By the way, I was having trouble for awhile publishing pictures so that they would enlarge when clicked on, but I fixed that problem and you should be able to get a large view when you click on any photos that I publish from now on.


mindful mule said...

That is a beautiful track!

What did you do in between your speed intervals - walk a lap - jog a lap?

Geoff said...

i jogged a lap between intervals. usually about 2:15.

Unknown said...

What's speed? Glad to know someone out there has both endurance and speed. I sure don't!