Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Big Weekend of Races

Bike 3 miles (commute)

There are about ten endurance nut bloggers that I check in on pretty much every day. It's fun to read about others who are just as crazy (or more crazy in many cases) about biking or running as I am. As I was biking to work today I realized that almost all of these "nuts" are competing in endurance events this weekend!

The most popular event of the weekend is the 142 mile Kokopelli Trail Mountain Bike Race. Blogger "friends" competing in this event are: Dave Nice, Dave Byers, Chris Plesko, and maybe Pete Basinger.

Dave Harris started a Solo Time Trial of the Grand Loop route today!! This is a 360 mile unsupported Mountain Bike ride that he will likely finish sometime on Saturday or Sunday! From what I hear there aren't really any words I can use to describe just how diffucult of an event this is. Can't wait to read how it goes for Dave.

Karl Meltzer is going to be out in Viginia running in the Massannutten 100.

Danielle Musto will be riding in the 12 Hours of Tsali.

Mallie will be riding/testing her knee in the 12 Hours for Life.

About the only one of my regular reads who is not competing this weekend is Wynn Davis, but then again he ran a 50 miler last week and is going to be running a 100km in 2 weeks.

Anyhow, just wanted to say good luck to all this weekend. Can't wait to read about it all on Monday morning. As for me I'll be up here in Alaska thinking about how nice it would be if there were more endurance events up here. I'm going to try to get out for a 20-25 mile run tomorrow and then a 75-100 mile bike ride on Saturday but I sure do wish I was joining you all in competition this weekend.

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Unknown said...

Wow...such an illustrious list. I don't believe I'm worthy, but thanks. But who am I to be listed with the "one" name thing. I'm no Cher!