Saturday, April 14, 2007

Too Much Optimism

Road Bike 26 miles

I went out on my road bike today thinking I could get away with the least amount of clothing yet this spring. It was almost 50 degrees and it had been dry all morning. I opted to leave the booties, insulated gloves, rain pants, and neoprene socks at home (all of which I have been wearing on my rides for the past couple weeks). For the first half of the ride I was comfortable, or at least only a little bit cold. And then the rain came. And the temperature dropped. By the time I got home I was wet to the bone and the temperature had dropped to 40 degrees. My hands and feet were in serious pain and my core temperature had certainly dropped as I was shivering uncontrollably. I was planning to go out for a run after biking but once I warmed up a bit I was exhausted and only wanted to take a hot shower and lay down. I've done the hot shower, and had some dinner, and now it's time to lay down. I'll hope to make up for my short day with a good long workout tomorrow.
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Weekly totals: Ski 8 miles; run 31 miles; bike 120 miles; 13.5 hours. Again very similar to last week with the decrease in skiing picked up by an increase in biking. Will hope to ride closer to 150 miles this next week while keeping the running around 30. Also, need to get more consistent with my weight training. Haven't been to the gym in over a week: It's just so damn boring sometimes... but so beneficial.