Sunday, April 29, 2007


Road Bike 16 miles
Run 5 miles

I went to bed last night thinking that I would take at least a day or two off from biking. When I woke up this morning though and saw that the weather was still the same - windy, cold, and sideways rain - I felt this strong urge to get back out there and face these conditions head on, hoping to get rid of that awful frustration that I felt after yesterday. And thus I put myself back out in this mess on my bike. It went much better this time though. I was pushing 11 or 12 mph into the same winds that cut me down to 7 or 8 yesterday. And today I got to enjoy the tailwind (yesterday there was no wind for the first half of my ride when it would have been a tailwind) the entire way home.

After washing this frustration out of my system with a quick little one hour ride I went on a short Perseverance Trail run. I was hoping for less snow but this trail is still covered completely once you get past the first mile. I pushed on another mile or 2 in the snow but it was just too deep and annoying to continue any further. I love running in the snow but this late in the season the snow is just too choppy and punchy to be enjoyable. 2 months ago I was loving the fact that my first winter in Juneau was breaking all kinds of snowfall records, but right now I'm really wishing more trails were clear.

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WynnMan said...

Damn, you're gettin in some great workouts. My legs would feel like rubber if I tried to run after biking that long.

Speed workout went great.

and yes, it does take the body some getting used to, with a full-time job. Oh how I would love to just run, ice, massage, eat, sleep and repeat.