Monday, April 23, 2007

I Almost Have a Plan

Bike 10 miles
Run 6 miles
Lift 16 lifts (upper and lower body)
-3 sets of 12 reps.

It was easy to get myself into the gym to lift some weights today. The weather has turned back to "normal" and after 6 days of sun I just wasn't ready to be out for too long in the rain. I actually ran 6 miles on the treadmill! I have never run that far on a treadmill. I couldn't do it all at once though. I did 3 easy miles, followed by some lifting, and then 3 miles at 6:00, 5:45, 6:15 pace.

Most all of my running in the past several weeks has been at a slow, steady pace (usually 8:00 pace - a little faster or a little slower depending on the terrain/elevation change). Pretty soon though I am going to begin doing some more specialized running. I guess I began that today with my last 3 miles on the treadmill. My plan is to ease slowly out of this phase of steady cross training and into more speed and hill running through most of the month of May. I will likely do fewer bike rides, but the rides that I do will be longer. I want to be in good biking shape for the 24 Hours of Kincaid, but it's much more important to me to be in good shape for the running races that will follow in July and August. After some speed and hill running in May I will begin to get some decent distance in through most of June and into early July. I'll then go into a taper phase with some moderate speed work to keep me sharp and then just hope for the best. I don't expect my body to be able to perform perfectly in each of my races this summer, but I think I've got a pretty good idea of what I need to do to make it perform pretty well in all of them. It's a lot of very different type of races in a short period of time so it should be interesting to see how my body can adapt from week to week.


WynnMan said...

Hey Geoff, I've been a lurker on your site, it's great. Sounds like things are going really well for you. Look forward to hearing about the rest of your journeys. I was out in Alaska last June. Damn is it great!! I miss eating fresh halibut every day.

thanks for the kind words.


ct said...

i'm curious about the selection of races you're training for. if i'm not mistaken you set a new record at the susitna 100. and, according to your blog, you don't have any more plans for a 100 miler. why the resurrection 50 and not the 100? why spend the time/money for the equinox marathon when marathon distances are something you probably hit in training? it seems apparent that you have the endurance for other 100 milers, so why not do them?

Geoff said...

I will be doing more 100 milers in the future. i also plan to do races longer than 100. for this summer though i'm planning to try out some other new things. i'm excited to try out some endurance bike racing and of all the races i have planned this summer I have only competed in one of them before (Crow Pass). It's still possible that I will do the resurrection 100 rather than the 50 but i've never run a 50 miler so i like the idea of giving that a try. plus i'm not a big fan of out and back runs, hikes, or bike rides. if I do the 50 it'll be a point to point run, but the 100 just turns around and runs back over the same course again. that borders on boredom in my mind. not sure i'll ever be able to do one of these 100's that runs (5) 20 mile loops.

Anonymous said...