Sunday, March 25, 2007

Where to go From Here?

Run 8 miles

Not really sure yet how much time I'll put into this blog or exactly what it will be about, but for now the plan is to use it as a training + racing journal/forum of my slowly evolving journey toward ultra running... and perhaps eventually into endurance biking or any other activities I may decide to pursue in the future.

I moved to Alaska about a year and a half ago and since doing so have become gradually more and more interested in pushing my body to it's physical limits. In doing so I have discovered a mental satisfaction in this that, despite running competitively in high school and college, i never really noticed before.

When I moved to Alaska I had never done a run longer than 17 miles, yet for whatever reason in December of 2005 I decided to train for a 50k in February of 2006. That race was fun in a painful way (although more fun than pain) and I felt myself becoming hooked as winter melted into spring and I began training for summer races. After a great summer of learning the ropes of "mountain" running I fumbled through the fall of 2006, not certain where my new desire in racing would take me. All year I knew that I would like to run the Susitna 100 in Feb. 2007, but it wasn't until early December 2006 that I actually decided to commit to it. I sent in my entry fee one day before the Dec. 31st deadline. I ran the Susitna 100 last month and now I feel more determined than ever to further pursue endurance racing. In my mind I'm often thinking about upcoming races and events that I want to participate in. There is a lot of uncertainty in where this will all take me, but my plan is to use this blog as a means of recording my slow progression further into endurance racing and ultra running.

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