Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Gliding in the Rain

Skate Ski 11 miles
Bike 90 minutes on trainer:
~25 miles

The forecast is for 4 days of sun beginning tomorrow. I'm so excited for sunny weather that I almost didn't even notice the steady rain falling while I skied in circles around the 1.8 mile loop at the campground today. It wasn't until I got back in my car to drive home that I noticed just how wet I was. I could make some remark about how that's just the way Juneau is in the spring, but a more accurate remark would not be limited to the spring - Juneau is simply just wet all the time, thus the excitement for the coming sunshine.

I hate artificial workouts. I don't care for treadmills and I could count the total number of indoor bike rides that I've ever done on my fingers and about 1/2 of my toes. There's just something about running or biking but not going anywhere that is not appealing to me. I do love running or biking simply for the sake of the activity, but even more so I love it as a way to be outside and to get from one place to another... even if all I do when I get there is turn around and come back home. Nonetheless, I put on a movie and hopped on the bike for 90 minutes tonight. And the strange thing is that I quite enjoyed it. I didn't miss being out in the slushy, dark, cold, wind, and rain. I guess this is a sign that I'm ready for spring. I'm ready to run up mountains and bike on dirt and snowless roads.


Unknown said...

Great start on your blog. Jill sent me,, of course. I'm looking forward to following your journey.

sara said...

I too have never been a fan of the gym... I'm much too outdoorsy for that! But my bf and I have been going before I go to work most mornings, and that fits into my routine and doesn't really take away from sunshine time after work. It's much easier to go in the winter when it is dark and cold.