Thursday, January 24, 2008

First Video

Took my first little video clip with my new camera today. It's not great quality, but keep in mind this camera is about the size of a matchbox and weighs about as much as a quarter.

Here's me running with my sled up the Dan Moller Trail:


  1. I've noticed sometimes when shooting pics with the go pro if I snap a few shots of the same think it well kind of focus and such...

    still figguring out how to take the best pics with it but man I love how bomb proof it is...

  2. Love the brief but shot.

  3. I mean, butt, of course

  4. My question is "how do you know there's a trail under all that snow"?

    I had my dad get Jeff a helmet cam for Christmas. I'm hoping we'll get it strapped to a helmet before too long and get some footage of some trail riding.