Thursday, August 16, 2007

Heintzleman Ridge to Nugget Creek

Fun adventure out on Heintzleman Ridge today. Covered about 15 miles in 4 hours including about 6,000 feet of total climbing, some serious bushwhacking, lucky route finding, a mountain goat, and a bear. Pictures tell the best story of how nice of a day it was:

Looking Northwest "out to sea"

Mendenhall Glacier

Alpine blueberries growing right on the ground... much sweeter than berries up on bushes

Mountain goat

Looking down the drainage I was hoping to follow down to Nugget Creek. There's a bear down in the middle though so I had to change my route and drop over the ridge on the left and into some serious steep terrain with a few miles of annoying bushwhacking.


  1. way cool... Goeff rodes, outdoordude, runner, biker, internet doc =)

  2. I would love to see a mountain goat.
    Jill had some cool pics of them on her blog. My blog's title is Die Bergziege (German for mountain goat)
    One of these days, I have to "steal" on of your mountain goats or at least a picture and put it on my blog.

  3. These really are beautiful photos, Geoff. I keep looking for the bear - is he in the last pic?